Industrial Engineering

Is a branch of engineering that concerns the development, improvement, implementation and evaluation of integrated systems of people, money, knowledge, information, equipment, energy, material and processes. (Source Wikipedia)

Due to a growing market demand for industrial engineering we decided long time ago, to focus us directly on international Industrial service engineering. Whereas most engineering disciplines apply skills to very specific areas, industrial engineering is applied in virtually every industry. Our world becomes even more technically complex. Management of cost engineering and infrastructure on one hand, policy and decision making on the other, is becoming ever more important. Besides this, the local government constantly introduces new reporting rules or changes on current rules. You and your organization must see how to implement these reporting rules to your processes. The total costs are being estimated on 30 Billion (!) Euro yearly. (source: Business Issues).

APS InterTech has been specialized in project support in the area of cost engineering (cost estimating, cost control and cost scheduling) data integration, - migration and –reporting. We can serve you in all your investments and developments in the Offshore, Oil & Gas, Power and Process industries. We make the transition from technical design to budget and supervise your Turnaround, development and improvement projects if needed. We also offer solutions that lead to optimization of your operational processes and business processes.

For these challenges APS InterTech/Industrial Engineering supports industrial manufacturing companies, for instance with:

● The development of (Project) Cost Control and Plant Performance Indicators

● Estimate (multiple) 5 years maintenance plans/budgets at Tank Storage Terminals and refineries,

● The implementation of data integration & reporting tools regarding Supply Chain (IFS Offshore, MS AX-NAV, SAP) Plant Engineering Design and Cost Estimate Systems ( i.e. Cleopatra ).

● The conceptual cost design and optimization of production processes, by using for instance SMART estimating or Lean manufacturing methodology.

That our approach works, is noticed and appreciated by the market in which we operate as APS InterTech, namely the Industrial Engineering. Recently, APS InterTech has in this sector received the 2017 UAE Business Awards from ISSUU (page 54). It all started with the  2014 International Sector Success Award.

Also, this award publicly published via Deal Feed International, Click Here for the publication. We also won the 
2014 Joseph J. Jacobs Master builder Award and last but not least the 2015 and 2016 Excellence and Innovation award! by Corporate Livewire, check the Winners Guide

APS InterTech/Industrial Engineering offers total solutions from: Analyses, Development till implementation and support. 


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